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Used for situations in which a full axle could not be accommodated due to spacial restrictions, rubber suspension units (often referred to as split axles) are supplied in pairs and are constructed to the same standards as the full rubber suspension axles. Our range of rubber suspension units are built around three technologies which offer different solutions depending upon price, damping characteristics and sealing. All of our units offer a long and maintenance free life with optional on-site support.

Rubber Insert Suspension

Our high-density rubber insert technology (R-flex insert) comprises of a central shaft and a metal case, which may be galvanised upon request. Four pretensioned high density rubber inserts are then placed between the two and completely surround the central shaft. When the force of loading or tension is applied to the unit, the high density rubber compress and expands into the air within the casing and thus provide suspension. The rubber inserts are engineered to specific load deflection characteristics and provide a reliable and predictable suspension solution over a long service life. The high density rubber inserts are produced to precision specifications and have a long service life.

Semibonded Suspension

Our semi bonded rubber suspension unit technology (R-flex semibond) gives the benefits of bonded suspension technology whilst remaining excellent value for money. R-flex semibond technology offers a greater service life than rubber inserts (R-flex insert) because the shaft is fully encased in rubber, meaning the rubber has no room in which to expand. Being fully encased, the R-flex semibond unit also offers better water and dirt protection, than the R-flex insert units.

Fully Bonded Suspension

R-flex fullbond technology comprises of a central shaft surrounded by a metal case. High density rubber is then bonded to the outer casing as well as the central shaft and completely fills the space between the metal casing and metal shaft, giving it's full-fill construction. The high density rubber filling is engineered to specific load deflection characteristics requested by customers and provide a reliable and predictable suspension solution over a long service life. R-flex fullbond units provide greater predictability and are capable of dealing with heavier duty uses than our R-flex insert and R-flex semibond units. R-flex fullbond also offers the very best temperature, liquid and particulate ingress resistance available. Fully bonded units work in torsion when used, and bonding to both the central shaft and outer casing ensures the central shaft cannot be displaced by lateral force.

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