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Hygiene and rigorous health and safety are of paramount importance within food processing and therefore safe and reliable machine components are essential. Our rubber damper units offer a maintenance free, reliable solution which can resist ingress by foodstuffs – both liquid, particulate and erosive.

Flour Processing

Suspended sifters, used almost exclusively for sifting flour in the milling industry, are, by design, hung from a building roof and therefore transmit the residual shocks of the unbalanced shaft which drives them, into the building itself. Our rubber damper units must be carefully engineered at all points due to the considerable weight and continual movement of the unit itself, requiring bespoke components, rigorous testing and load deflection analysis. Our units can effectively protect the building itself, as well as the mechanical components of the suspended sifter by damping out harsh vibrations. Due to the particulate nature of the material being transported and the environment in which the machinery operates, we recommend our rubber suspension units are provided with a full-fill construction and a sealed shell – effectively eliminating the possibility of foreign matter ingress and unnecessary wear of the rubber within. This is available as part of our semi bonded and fully bonded suspension units.

Conveyor Tensioning

Our rubber tensioning units ensure that continuous contact pressure is placed on the chain/belt and thus ensure the chain/belt has an increased chain contact arc, eliminates jumping of the chain links and produces a taut and almost silent slack side – all whilst reducing wear on bearings and rollers. Our units provide a maintenance free solution with a long service life. Installing a belt damping system also increases the service life of the belt system itself as harsh vibrations and belt slippages can cause unnecessary wear to the belt and reduce serviceable life. Fitting a tensioner device can virtually eliminate these and considerably reduce maintenance costs.

Foreign Matter Ingress

When dealing with loads consisting almost entirely of particulate or liquid matter, engineers must be aware of the threat that foreign matter ingress into components may cause lengthy downtime to carry out repairs to a variety of components, unnecessary maintenance costs and, even when not catastrophic, the cost of inefficiency must all be weighed up against the cost of putting in place a reliable solution which is resistant to ingress. We have years of experience supplying components to food processing machinery and this is one reason why we are conscious of the pitfalls of improper component selection. We would always recommend the use of a sealed suspension damping unit which is completely resistant to foreign matter ingress due to its full fill construction. Our semi bonded and fully bonded units both offer full-fill construction and choosing between these is dependent upon load mass, deflection characteristics required and budget.

Bespoke Engineering

We understand that the immense variety of layouts, components and configurations within the food processing industry, a standardised solution is rarely one which is applicable to many situations. That’s why we place such emphasis upon bespoke engineering of solutions. Our engineers will use our component principles and their expert knowledge to produce a solution engineered specifically for a customer’s requirements whilst being aware of environmental, mechanical and budgetary constraints.

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