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Military vehicle manufacturers require components that offer low maintenance and yet extreme reliability in the most unforgiving environments. Our rubber suspension units and dampers can be applied across a wide range of traditional, new and experimental military uses and we have previously worked with military manufacturers to develop new and important uses for our suspension technology.

Suitable for situations in which suspension or damping is required, our units are perfect for military trailers and prime vehicles. Working alongside us, the military manufacturer can specify the load, budget, dimensions and suspension characteristics of the unit they require and produce a solution which solves the problem being faced.

Foreign Matter Ingress

When placing vehicles in environments of extreme terrain and environment, engineers must be aware of the threat that foreign matter ingress into components may cause. Lengthy downtime to carry out repairs to a variety of components may endanger lives and a sufficient budget for all required maintenance may be absent, leading to a poorly maintained and inefficient unit. This must all be weighed up against the cost of putting in place a reliable solution which is resistant to ingress and is highly reliable in harsh environments. We have years of experience supplying components designed to resist ingress and this is one reason why we are conscious of the pitfalls of improper component selection. We would always recommend the use of a sealed suspension/torque damping unit which is completely resistant to foreign matter ingress due to a full-fill construction. Our semi bonded and fully bonded units both offer full-fill construction and choosing between these is entirely dependent upon load mass, the deflection characteristics required and budget.

Maintenance Free Working Life

Our rubber suspension units are proven in the field and have been used in demanding situations without failiure. They are often chosen over the more conventional coiled spring unit due to their full-fill construction meaning no exposed elements of the unit, unlike coiled springs. This means nothing can compromise the structure of the inner rubber, other than expected decline over useful life. No moving parts or exposure to rusting also mean an exceptionally long life within the field.

Ground Loading Trailers

We can offer ground loading trailers in a military capacity, utilised for the swift removal of vehicles in harsh environments. These trailers are hand built in the United Kingdom and produced using precision at every stage, they really do make light work of heavy loads and are designed using an intelligently calculated pivot point, the highest quality laser cut chassis materials and our own rubber suspension units for unrivalled stability and reliability.

Axles & Suspension Units

When building military trailers and transport it is important that each element is as resistant to the elements and the dangers encountered within field of combat, as possible. Our suspension axles and individual units have no exposed parts, such is not the case with coiled springs, meaning our units are far more resistant to foreign matter ingress, extreme temperature fluctuations and explosive shocks. We would almost always recommend our semi bonded or fully bonded rubber suspension units as their full-fill construction offer exceptional resistance to particulate ingress, harsh temperatures and explosions.

Tracked Vehicles

Our rubber suspension units can be included in tracked vehicles in a variety of different suspension uses ranging from both fixed and compensatory suspension systems as well as in series configurations. While offering a modest cost solution, they add significant value and improved performance to track integrity and tension characteristics.

When used in harsh environments such as snow or desert environments, the our semi bonded and fully bonded units have the unique advantage of being completely sealed, encased within their shell and being comprised of one full-form piece of rubber. They are resistant to harsh weather, particulate ingress and temperature change and have no moving parts, making them a highly reliable component in the tracked vehicle system.

Bespoke Engineering

We understand that the immense variety of configurations, experimental technologies and environmental requirements within the military, a standardised solution is very rarely one which is applicable to all situations. That’s why we place such emphasis upon bespoke engineering of solutions. Our engineers will use our principle components and their expert knowledge to produce a solution engineered specifically for a customer’s requirements whilst being aware of environmental, mechanical and budgetary constraints.

We have successfully worked with both the UK and USA military to develop solutions to problems experienced within the field including bomb disposal.

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