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We offer a wide variety of trailer body fittings which are mainly supplied self coloured:

  • Bolts, Chains & Hooks - Used to fasten and train panels, sides and doors. They also provide attachments for ropes and straps, securing cargo safely without damage. Our factory shop stocks a wide selection of tie-down hooks and button cleats with either a metal or plastic finish.
  • Pins & Hinges - We offer various fittings of both bolt-on or weld-on type, together with a combination of eye plates and hinges to suit a wide variety of applications.
  • Tailgate Fittings - We offer a variety of fasteners and spring sets for ramps, tipper tailboards (which pivot top and bottom and secure closed). Our factory shop also stock a comprehensive selection of light duty tie down hooks and bottom cleats with a metal or plastic finish.
  • Corner Posts & Sockets - Used to secure side, front and rear panels, they can be removed from the socket to enable the customer to convert from a dropside to flatbed trailer by removing the sideboards.
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