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Slipper end springs are a form of leaf spring in which one end is fixed and the other slides through an open bracket as the spring flexes under load. They have similar advantages to double eye springs and are available with a range of capacities for single and twin axle use.

They are all 2 inches wide and are fitted with a metalastic type bush at the eye end. Each set of springs are supplied with a kit of shackle equipment to fix the spring to the chassis and axle. The brackets which fit to the chassis can be high or low mount depending on the height of the trailer bed required. Please specify when ordering.

As with double eye springs, where a twin axle application is used, they can either be fitted in single sets (tandem) or linked (close coupled) The technical data sheet shows how close coupled springs are linked through a centre balance beam at the slipper end.

If ordering spring assemblies without axles, can you please specify the axle beam cross-section to ensure the correct U-bolt size is supplied.

Slipper End Spring Capacities

Product CodeType / Dimensions(in)Capacity
SES1000Axle Set - 2" x 5/16" x 30" - 3 leaves1000kg
SES1550Axle Set - 2" x 11/32" x 30" - 4 leaves1550kg
SES1950Axle Set - 2" x 11/32" x 30" - 5 leaves1950kg
SES2250Axle Set - 2" x 5/16" x 24" - 6 leaves2250kg
SET2000Close-coupled Tandem Set - 2" x 5/16" x 30" - 3 leaves2000kg
SET3100Close-coupled Tandem Set - 2" x 11/32" x 30" - 4 leaves3100kg
SET3900Close-coupled Tandem Set - 2" x 11/32" x 30" - 5 leaves3900kg
SET4500Close-coupled Tandem Set - 2" x 5/16" x 24" - 6 leaves4500kg
CBBKECentre Balance Beam Parts - Double Eye


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