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Solving the Ground Loading Problem:
The unique features of our Motorbronx range have developed from designs by people who understand the problems of loading and unloading often heavy and high value motorcycles, but also who appreciate the aesthetic requirements of those who ride and operate these premium iconic machines.

The main issue, well known to many professional and amateur users alike, is that the loading and unloading of motorcycles can be at best chaotic and at worst, dangerous. The common solution is to use anything from purpose built ramps to literally simple planks of wood in order to get the motorcycle mounted inside the vehicle. This requires the user to ride the motorcycle onto the carrying bed often at varying heights and with no leg support. Given the average dint to any bike petrol tank can produce a bill to be in excess of £1000 then it was considered that a more appropriate and safe method of loading and deployment be introduced.

Ground loading vehicles and trailers are not a new idea, yet hydraulics are often the chosen method for raising and lowering the unit. While these systems work well, problems including very high capital costs, very high fit up costs (often doubling or tripling the trailer price) and the complexity of the system (meaning that costly professional help is required when any maintenance is required) mean end products are vastly too expensive for customers to justify.

The worldwide patented Motorbronx system is totally mechanical and employs our very own rubber suspension axles fitted with specialist mounting brackets. The actual lift system is a simple moment lever arm that is mounted to the axle and a pivot point on the chassis. The lift and lowering occurs when the axle rotates around the pivot point. The ascent and descent is controlled by a belt that is fixed to the lift arm and in turn is wound onto a bobbin fixed to a transmission shaft. An appropriately sized reduction gearbox controls the rotation of the bobbin. The gearbox power can come manually, be operated by a hand held brace or ratchet, a cordless drill (the most favoured solution of many end users) or a purpose electric motor powered by either an on-board trailer battery or prime vehicle electrics.

This system not only means that the end user is afforded a controlled power system both in the lift and deployment phases but it means that at last this is a mechanical system that gives the reliable and smooth operation akin to hydraulics but at a fraction of the price. This means that flat bed and general purpose trailer and vehicles have now a means that can maintain their viability while not compromising on the operation quality.

Continued Development
It has taken many designs, redesigns, tweaks and changes to perfect the Motorbronx system but we’re not stopping yet. We’re currently in the process of tweaking our current designs to hide the tensioned belt which is integral to raising and lowering the trailer. These tweaks will lead to a reduced risk of elemental wear to the belt as well as expanding the range of suitable applications for the unit into other areas such as horse boxes.

These trailers are currently undergoing the recently introduced "whole vehicle type approval" and it is expected that products will be available in the autumn of this year.

16 April 2014
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