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After using our suspension technology for light duty uses, it was time for this road-rail manufacturer to produce something more heavy duty.

We often go further than just providing standard units or even simply designing a product to specification. In many instances, customers approach us to utilise our engineering knowledge and experience to show them what we believe would be the best solution to a problem they are having, or a way of improving an existing solution (e.g. in order to lower maintenance cost).

We were approached by an existing Hy-Rail customer who already utilised fully bonded rubber suspension units to an extent and was so pleased with them that they wanted to expand their usage within their operations. The problem that the customer had was that fully bonded rubber suspension units were being used in lower specification operations, yet in higher specifications, more complex coil spring solutions were being utilised, costing more and not providing the reliability of fully bonded high-density rubber suspension units.

This situation occurred based on the notion that suspension and damping characteristics are determined by a specific mass volume of rubber within a given space. Higher duties would require a higher mass volume of rubber and therefore would require more space – space which was not available. In this specific Hy-Rail case, it is the track width which is fixed and thus limits the maximum space available to fill with rubber on the units mounting.


Currently, we supply a fully bonded range of torque suspension units to customers who utilise to Hy-Rail principles in their operations. This solution is not only cost effective, but can be applied in restricted spacial envelopes and has excellent suspension and damping contained in a single modular piece part, meaning the product is less complex than conventional coil systems.

For this specific case, we took the existing fully bonded high-density rubber suspension units which were provided to the customer, analysed the requirements of the new duty and produced a new set of units suitable for higher specification solutions. This involved producing units with different rubber composition and improved metal casing which could withstand more extreme torque forces. We then carried our extensive stress test evaluations and mechanical tests in order to determine fitness for purpose, prior to successfully implmenting them in the field.

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