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When designing a conveyor system it is hugely beneficial to ensure that continuous contact pressure is placed on the chain/belt, meaning the slack side is not wasting energy and reducing mechanical efficiency.

Our rubber torque dampers, fitted as tensioning devices, ensure this constant contact is maintained at all times and eliminates jumping of the chain links, providing a fully taut and almost silent slack side. The benefits of fitting these tensioner devices include reduced wear on bearings and rollers in the system, giving them a considerably longer service life and, when combined with the tensioner device itself having maintenance free operation, considerable reduction in maintenance costs of the whole system. The effect of tensioning the slack side of the belt/chain also has a positive impact upon energy consumption – reducing the electrical wastage of the system itself by an estimated 15%, saved mainly in preventing belt slippages. Aside from longer service life and better energy efficiency, tensioner devices also help to dampen vibration in the belt bands, leading to a much smoother system which is less prone to jams and mechanical failure.

Our rubber torque damper units provide two clear cut options for the belt system designer, the deciding factor being foreign matter ingress and the likelihood of this occurring in the system. If tensioner devices are to be hidden away and protected inside a machine body for example, then rubber insert tensioner units can provide an extremely cost effective and simple solution to the problem. However, if the tensioner devices are to be exposed to the elements or particulate matter within the environment then we would recommend a full-fill unit, in the form of a semi bonded or fully bonded tensioner. These devices, by design, have no air within them and the whole unit is sealed within its casing, virtually eliminating the possibility of foreign matter ingress and providing exceptional reliability and a maintenance free life.

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