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Our rubber damper units provide precise control and damping of free oscillating systems, effectively producing a completely linear conveyor motion with minimal lateral tumbling. With most free oscillating systems activated using an unbalanced motor or shaft, it is the arrangement of these which determine the oscillation amplitude, and therefore conveying speed of the belt itself. By fitting rubber damping units between the activators and the conveyor itself, the conveyor motion becomes more efficient and less damaging to the vibrating screen itself.

Rubber damper units can be engineered to bespoke requirements and this means not only changing the dimensions and specifications of the unit (splining, bonding etc.), but also the density and characteristics of the rubber within. Rubber damper units can be engineered to a desired spring deflection capacity and their naturally low frequency offers good detuning of the often high excitation frequency within the units, meaning the machine structure and supporting elements remain protected from continuous and harsh vibrations.

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