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We supply mounting plates which match the baseplates of our suspension units and these can be supplied loose if required. They can be used as a mounting for units up to 2000kgs capacity and also as a template for larger ones.

We are also able to produce bespoke mounting plates for our units. Usually, these are requested when purchasing suspension units and torque dampers, however, if you require a mounting unit made to specification, our sales team would be happy to advise you. Please contact our sales team directly on +44 (0)1789 778 041 or alternatively email [email protected].

Standard Mounting Plate Capacities & Dimensions

Product CodeTypeCapacityDimensions
SMP3R-flex insert/R-flex semibond- 6 hole mounting plate. Hole centres: 79mm (width) x 76mm (length)350kg/600kg178mm x 102mm
SMP5R-flex insert- 8 hole mounting plate. Hole centres: 79mm (width) x 76mm (length)500kg254mm x 102mm
SMP18R-flex insert/R-flex semibond- 8 hole mounting plate. Hole centres: 98mm (width) x 73mm (length)1800kg254mm x 127mm
FSMP3R-flex fullbond- 6 hole mounting plate250kg140mm x 79mm
FSMP4R-flex fullbond- 6 hole mounting plate425kg178mm x 92mm
FSMP6R-flex fullbond- 6 hole mounting plate600kg197mm x 105mm
FSMP9R-flex fullbond- 6 hole mounting plate900kg222mm x 112mm
FSMP13R-flex fullbond- 8 hole mounting plate1300kg273mm x 137mm
FSMP18R-flex fullbond- 8 hole mounting plate1800kg337mm x 143mm
FSMP23R-flex fullbond- 10 hole mounting plate2300kg397mm x 156mm
FSMP30R-flex fullbond- 10 hole mounting plate3000kg451mm x 168mm
FSMP50R-flex fullbond- 12 hole mounting plate5000kg584mm x 203mm
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If you want to know more about how we can help your engineering needs or you have any further questions please feel free to call on +44 (0)1789 778 041, email [email protected] or complete our general enquiry form today.

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